About Me

Maria Paz Ramirez, HC

I learned a long time ago that while diet and exercise can have an enormous impact on my general well being, it is not enough to achieve the happiness and fulfillment for which I strive.

My story started in college. During my freshman year, I gained quite a bit of weight and was very unhappy with the person I had become. I later had a very difficult time letting the weight go which caused me to become resigned, depressed, and generally hopeless. The concept of dieting didn’t work for me because it inherently made sense that once I would stop dieting, I would be right back where I started. So I kept my unhappy weight gain until I began to slowly chip away at what became my way of life.

I began learning about nutrition and the importance of physical fitness, reading as many nutrition books that I could get my hands on, experimenting with their concepts in my own life until I eventually found a way to eat that allowed me to naturally and permanently lose the weight. I also began surrounding myself with active people who would encourage me to become active as well. I became fit and happy with the way my body looked. I became passionate about nutrition and continued to learn as much as I could, tweaking my diet in ways that eventually led me to not only be healthy and fit, but to thrive. I gained more energy and a positive outlook on life.

But what is important to note is that none of this was necessarily easy. My success required that I take the time to educate myself about how the body works and more specifically, how my own body works. It required that I exercise patience as my body and my mind adapted to my new way of life, and I had to constantly address the inner demons that would creep back and urge me to sabotage that which I so determinedly worked so hard to achieve. Everything that I read throughout the years taught me that what works for others, will not necessarily work for me. And that just because something worked for me, it would not necessarily work for others. The bottom line, I realized, was that all of my success came from investigating all areas in my life until I became at peace with who I am to myself and to the world around me. Sure, there are fundamentals about nutrition and fitness that are universal – we all know that processed foods, fast foods, and not enough fruits and vegetables can wreak havoc on our bodies. But if we all know that, then why aren’t we all fit and healthy? The most important lesson I learned is that success comes to a body at peace. My goal is to support you in finding the peace to achieve the success you desire.



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